About us


Advanced Shotcrete SPECIALIZES in residential and commercial, structural shotcrete application. We value each project and each relationship and bring the same dedication and expertise to every client. We are dedicated to exceptional customer service, quality of work, and an environmentally safe work site. Our team of ACI certified nozzlemen are EXPERTS in shotcrete placement and finish.  We understand that adhering to scheduling goals is essential to the success of your project and our crews collaborate closely with all trades to ensure your complete SATISFACTION.

 At Advanced Shotcrete our goal is to continually create new opportunities for our clients through the very latest shotcrete technology.  We have proudly served the Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara and Orange County for the past 15 years.  We are fully insured and bonded.  We utilize ACI certified nozzlemen to apply the innovative shotcrete technology to all our projects and are ready to bring our team to you!